CB history

The first CB450 was introduced back in 1965, it was called the “Black Bomber” due to the fact they came in just one color, black, and the fact the CB450 was then the biggest bike Honda produced. It shook the motorcycle world with his over head camshafts, electric starter, torsion valve springs and an astonishing 43 Hp.

The first CB motorcycles came with the type CB450 K0. Later followed by the K1 in 1968 up to K7 which build year was 1974, this was the last year these lovely bikes were build. From the K1 up to the K7 the bikes came with 5 speed gear boxes.

Sea Bee is dedicated to refurbish and overhaul the required parts to keep these bikes rolling.

CB History The Black Bomber II

Racing History

The potention of the CB450 was noticed by professional motorcycle racers and club racers. The CB450 was banned from club racing in England, they said a real bike should not have over head cams, wonder why. Nevertheless, it was just a matter of time until the CB450 was on the racing track.

In 1969 Graham Penny won the production 500 cc class on the Island of Man on a CB450. That same year Australian Terry Dennehy made name to beat Giacomo Agostini in the Finnish Grand Prix. In that same season Terry was leading the East German GP ahead of Agostini until the bike suffered a lack of fuel and Terry had to give up. Dennehy came from Australia to Europe to compete in the GP series, he traveled light from the other side of the world and planned to purchase a competitive bike in Europe, he only found worned out racing bikes and then decided to try the CB450. Terry was based in Italy where he met Othmar “Marly” Drixl, a Swiss frame builder. Drixl made the now famous Drixton frame in conjunction with Englishman Syd Lawton. That’s where the name Drixton is coming from, the combination Drix – ton.

At Sea Bee we are proud to keep this part of motor racing history alive by supplying the right parts for Drixton racing bikes.

Cafe Racers

In the 1960’s the cafe racer scene arise in England, youngsters started to build BSA Goldstars and the likes into race trim sports bikes. During the years many bikes were rebuild that way but the scene made a real come back in the era of 2010.

Nowadays we see a lot of parts suppliers on the internet and even the big motorcycle manufacturers jumped into this market with so called retro bikes. The CB450 engine and frame are a sought after object to turn into cafe racers.
We can divide the cafe racers in different groups, like the “bobbers”, “trackers” and the mentioned “cafe racers”.

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